Double Exposure Master Course

This in-depth exploration of double exposure photography will help you understand how to use digital cameras and photo editing software to create fine art double exposure image and enable you to better deal with the many considerations.

Photographer and educator, Mark Maya, teaches you how to craft a double exposure photograph from beginning to end. He'll review exactly what makes a "good" double exposure photo, how to shoot one, and explain how you can manipulate images inside of your camera and with post-processing software like Photoshop and Lightroom.

These techniques will help you understand how to craft fine art double exposure photos with your camera and give you more technical and creative options when shooting and editing.

Class Curriculum

UNIT 1: Welcome and Getting Started

UNIT 2: What Makes a "Good" Double Exposure Photograph

UNIT 3: Types of Double Exposure Photography

UNIT 4: Considerations

UNIT 5: Shooting Double Exposures

UNIT 6: Editing Double Exposures

UNIT 7: Beginning To End

UNIT 8: Conclusion and Next Steps

Shoot From the Heart

This three-week online course is about finding inspiration in yourself, your clients and the environment around you. It’s about learning how to slow down, pay attention and making room for spontaneity. It’s about letting go of fear, taking risks and making yourself vulnerable. It’s about opening up your heart and creating the work that you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ll teach you how I created a totally authentic and organic audience in several niches by taking risks, putting myself out there and doing what my heart longed for with self-portraits, musician art, live interview podcasts, double exposure photography, cinemagraphs, experimental videos, guest blogging, and much more!

I’ll show you how to strategically experiment during client shoots, edit from feeling and how to take the first steps towards building the business of your dreams!


  • WEEK 1: Breaking Out of Your Shell Topics: Finding your passions, the benefits of vulnerability in your business, building an organic audience and taking the first steps to strategically aligning your passion with your business goals.

  • WEEK 2: Being YOU - Authentic Social Media, Paying Attention & Giving Your Heart Space to Create Topics: Workflow - reproduction, Slowing down and trusting yourself, the value of spontaneity and how to develop in your photography, live shoots/edits, building a custom social media strategy that works for you

  • WEEK 3:Experimental Photography & Editing From Feeling Topics: Experimenting during shoots, how to edit photos strategically through “feeling” and Lightroom tips and tricks.


“This course helped me get out of a really deep rut. I was questioning everything and learned I already know what I needed to do: trust my heart. I learned that I have the skills and abilities to shoot the way that feels good to me, and that when I do that, my work will show that love. I really enjoyed the lessons each week, especially the photoshoots and hearing Mark talk about his process and mindset. I’m so very grateful for Mark’s time and knowledge that he shared with this group. I’d let people interested in taking this course to be OPEN. Really listen to your heart’s desires and let go of what they think other people want them to do. Also, practice what you learn. Try weird things. Think WAY outside the box. And take self portraits.”



imagine your best photos yet!


be proud of your photos